About Waterfield Advisors

To provide holistic advice to our clients that secures their long term financial well-being.

Our years of experience in the financial services space has given us an insight into what clients need and are able to offer services based on trust, transparency and a no conflict of interest approach in all our client dealings.

Started in 2011, we are India’s Leading Multi-Family Office & Boutique Advisory Firm

At Waterfield, we understand that it is a combination of your vision, skills, hard work, perseverance and the ability to make the right choices at the right time that has helped you create wealth. We know that making constant choices though can sometimes be overwhelming, more so given the plethora of options that confront you. Our aim at Waterfield Advisors is to assist you in every step of the way to achieve meaningful and lasting success for your family, your enterprises and your financial wealth.

We manage assets through relationships built on trust

“As an advisory firm, Waterfield recognises that clients are dealing with multiple issues around the creation and preservation of wealth, their desire to create lasting legacies and to ensure good governance standards. Our role as their trusted advisor is to help them navigate through these complex issues. We are a team of dedicated professionals, working solely for the benefit of the families that we represent. ”

Soumya Rajan
Founder, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Serving as a central bridge between the clients’ vision for their legacy and their present truth is Waterfield. Tall and firm, the bridge offers a solid foundation for enduring relationships to rise upon. A gateway to the future, the bridge leads to newer opportunities and unprecedented success for generations to come. Strong, steadfast and unshakable today as well as tomorrow, the bridge is where the clients’ fortune meets their future.

Waterfield is where we help you create wealth, aligned with your values, vision and purpose.