In order to protect your family, your enterprise and your assets, it is imperative for you to plan for the unexpected. Insurance is one such instrument that helps you achieve this objective. We assist families in assessment of their insurance requirements, conducting a due diligence of the available options, policy acquisition and monitoring of the same. Evaluation of security options, protection of assets and data security are some of the services extended.

Families and their enterprises may face unique regulatory issues, we offer services specially designed to meet their challenges like auditing and governance. We spend the time necessary to work through and guide our clients on regulatory and compliance requirements and provide them with ongoing support.

Tax and legal advisory gains more importance as families expand and there are several more entities involved. These functions have a significant impact on a family’s finances and must be dealt with by experts. With our collaborative network, we assist families in constructing a tax plan and ensuring all entities are tax compliant as well as provide assistance through our network on legal issues.