Financial Planning

As a trusted advisor to your family, we help you preserve, protect and grow your wealth. We believe in the concept of creating risk pools, which take into account market risks, personal risks and your aspirational risks to better manage your finances. We offer impartial and independent advice across asset classes, portfolio managers and geographic regions.

Charitable giving is a very personal objective and for many it can be a daunting task to determine where to begin. We help the families we work with to articulate their philanthropic objectives and to align their interest with important social causes. This includes advice on donating to charitable institutions as well as setting up and management of a foundation.

While some of these services could be termed as “concierge” in nature, we aim to provide holistic services to our clients. Besides managing your lifestyle, we also aim to fulfil your aspirational needs. These services could include managing your club memberships, management of private jets or yachts, management of lifestyle properties. We also assist in budgeting for your leisure by analysing your short term and medium term liquidity requirements.