Our Clients

We have no standard way of dealing with clients because each client has a different need. We draw on our skills and experience to understand and then cater to each individual’s needs; from those who take an active interest in managing their money to those who want to spend time on what matters most to them, yet knowing that professional managers are looking after their financial affairs in their best interest.

We serve a number of Entrepreneurs, Family-Owned Businesses, Corporate Professionals and Trusts and offer a tailor-made delivery model for each of them. Every client has direct access to our entire team including the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Operating Officer and the Relationship Management team.

Our clients could seek our assistance on any aspect that concerns the well-being of their family at any stage in their journey, such as:

Review of all the family investment vehicles for their relevance and structure, followed by continuous investment advisory support

Advisory on perpetuation of the family legacy for the next generation, which includes transition of leadership, ownership and financial assets as well as educating the next generation for future roles in the enterprise

Assistance regarding the philanthropic activities of a family or for building a socially responsible organisation

Management and structuring of liquidity gained from a profitable sale to further grow wealth or create liquidity by efficiently managing existing assets

Preparation of a business strategy which is compatible with the family's goals and values

Addressing and advising on issues related to family and corporate governance and ownership vs management discussions

Assistance in setting up an internal family office for investment management by putting
together a simple and robust framework for investments

Formulation of an Investment Policy Document to define broad asset allocation, allowable assets, investment boundaries and an approval matrix