Our Differentiators

Our strong processes ensure our clients benefit at every stage

Ability to deliver packages of coordinated services tailored to individual needs, which includes services across investment management and financial planning, legal, taxation, business strategy, trusteeship, risk management and lifestyle management. As a client you receive unbiased advice, strategies, services and solutions.

Waterfield ensures that there is a better alignment of interest between financial advisors and the families by focusing on long term and thoughtful relationships. This means there is a team of experts and a dedicated advisor who is fully responsible for the family’s services at any given point in time.

Through the centralization and professionalization of asset management activities, the family is more likely to achieve higher returns and lower risk on their investments. This brings large savings in the future and better return on investment.

A client retainer model ensures the family avoids paying the layered expenses of individual advice providers and in turn benefit from lower costs. As advisors we seek to eliminate any excess charges paid by our clients and work in their best interest.

By ensuring better governance and management, we are able to help our clients deal with wealth transparently and avoid future conflicts. Thorough pre-emptive evaluation of systems and processes, we ensure better risk management.

Waterfield works with like-minded families and multiple partners across the financial landscape – the network gives rise to unique opportunities and integrated interactions, which are not always in the public domain.