Our Partners

Families seek our assistance because we recognise their goals, challenges and ambitions and can provide them with end to end solutions that goes beyond conventional wealth management.
In the endeavour to resolve complex issues for our clients, we work alongside a network of professionals who are India’s leading experts in their respective fields. These include:

Estate Planning Experts specialising in Intergenerational wealth planning and governance

Financial & Tax strategists for assets protection, wealth transfer and tax related issues

Legal advisors specialising in legal structures and governance

Investment Banking Professionals for investment planning and due diligence

Liability Management Experts for financial management

Philanthropy Specialists for management of philanthropic objectives

We also maintain a collaborative relationship with a large number of product manufacturers and facilitators to assist our financial planning services, which include:

External Portfolio Managers who offer customised portfolio offerings

Asset Management Companies that offer is suite of products to meet client specific goals

Real Estate Investment Vehicles for real estate investments and advisory

Banks/NBFCs for our clients banking needs

Our due diligence is thorough and in the best interest of the client. We have no vested interest in selling products, and work directly for each family.